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If you had any inclination, intuition, curiosity, or urging in regards to getting a reading from Kriss– I have two words for you: FOLLOW THROUGH! Her knowledge of astrology is certainly mastery, while she makes it so easy to comprehend and apply. In the process of Self discovery it isn’t always easy to know who to trust for guidance. We are vulnerable. Speaking with her was one of the best things I have done for myself on my Spiritual journey. I heard things about myself that really helped me recognize my Sacred Self and my path. Vienne

I’ve had the privelege of receiving readings and insight from Kriss. She has so much experience in so many different fields and they all come together in a holistic way through her sessions. Kriss is kind, sensitive and intuitive. I always feel like she is on my side, rooting for me from the sidelines-encouraging me towards living my dream. Nikki

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Aries New Moon 2018

New Moon April 15, 6:57 pm Pacific (April 16, 1:58 am GMT) Aries 26˚ 02' Fire Ready, set, go! In the wee hours of the morning just before the New Moon, Mercury goes direct. Time to assimilate all that Mercury has brought up for you and set your intention. (If you need...

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Pisces New Moon 2018

  New Moon March 17, 6:12 am Pacific (1:12 pm GMT) Pisces 26˚ 53' Water A healing of spirit, of connection to the divine, is the opportunity of this New Moon. The Sun and the Moon are joined in Pisces and just one degree away is Chiron. Chiron in Pisces has made us...

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Aquarius Eclipse

New Moon February 15, 1:06pm Pacific (9:07 pm GMT) Aquarius 27˚ 08' Solar Eclipse Air Pretend you can step out of your skin and float above your life and look at it without being held in by your emotions. Detach, see the bigger picture, and reach for a new vision....

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