Author: kriss

A Knowing

I was listening to Iyanla Vanzant give an interview the other day. She was talking about a certain situation where she had such a “knowing” that she was able to have faith through a difficult time and even though all logical reason and other people’s opinions would have her lose that faith. She had such…

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Interview: Elizabeth Foley

Elizabeth Foley: Angels and Ascended Masters I’m so glad you can share your wisdom with everyone here , Elizabeth! Can you tell our readers a little bit about what it is you do? I dabble. I do spiritual teachings, counseling, healing work, angel readings, and I am also a self-published author. I truly have my…

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Sometimes I wallow. Its kind of a funny word… means “to live self indulgently; luxuriate; revel. I like to wallow in the feeling of melancholy; wallow in sadness. I like to play music from “The Fountain” especially when love is part of the scenario. Love-ache is my favorite reason for wallowing. There has been a…

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