This is absolutely fabulous! I’m hooked and need one each year, forever. 🙂 Full of great insights and rituals, wonderfully clear astrology info, and fun manifesting tips. All in a really nice binder. Thank you so much, Kriss!!   Cheryl

I’m so glad I came across this notebook when I did! I’m new to moon manifestation and Kriss has been so kind answering my questions. Everything I need to know is in here and I love that it even has crystal suggestions and includes a place for tarot. Douglas isn’t quite sure what we’re doing yet but we’re all learning 🙂    Anya

I love my personalized Moon Planner. This is a well thought out planner that supports manifesting with moon cycles. I love that she has personalized it with my charts. I received it quickly and have gifted it to several people that have raved about it. I feel that I am giving a gift that is as unique and special as my friendships.   Nikki, CA

This is an extremely well thought out planner with an irreplaceable value! I was actually shocked by both the preparation and presentation of this unique and helpful package and I highly recommend it as a tool that can enhance your life!   Katt, FL

I love having my chart to work with throughout the year. Thank you Kris for making it so accessible, and all of the wisdom and guidance that you provide. It helps a lot to be in the rhythm of things, and working with the Universe vs against it. xoxo   Nicole, WA

Astrology Readings

This reading was fantastic – Kriss gave me new insight which also felt like something I already knew. She delivered it super quickly as well. I will be getting more readings from her, for sure. Worth every penny!   Jennifer, NH

If you had any inclination, intuition, curiosity, or urging in regards to getting a reading from Kriss– I have two words for you: FOLLOW THROUGH! Her knowledge of astrology is certainly mastery, while she makes it so easy to comprehend and apply. In the process of Self discovery it isn’t always easy to know who to trust for guidance. We are vulnerable. Speaking with her was one of the best things I have done for myself on my Spiritual journey. I heard things about myself that really helped me recognize my Sacred Self and my path.

I had an amazing experience getting my chart read by Kriss. With no previous knowledge of astrology she really helped me understand the concepts  so that I got the most out of my seeing my chart. It was like having a conversation with an old friend, expect I have never talked to her before in my life. I never knew how big of an impact the planets in our solar system have on us. The best thing I got out of my reading was that I am who I am, and the best thing that can be done is embracing that. It was like she really knew me and could discuss my characteristics, good and bad, openly without any judgement. If you are thinking about having your chart read, absolutely do it. I am so lucky to have gotten the chance to speak with Kriss. She is a wonderful medium between you and the universe. Thanks again, Kriss!”   Seanna, NH

“I loved this program with Kriss because I have always been passionate about astrology, but before this program I couldn’t really understand it well. What I loved the most about it is that I “lived” the class and really got a sense of what it meant in my life, what I was learning. I also like the way the program is organized in sections were you can observe each section separately in yourself. Kriss is always very nice to talk to and always gives her best at every call.
Thank you Kriss!”   Claudia, Mexico
“You have such a talent for seeing and explaining the forces at work in people’s lives. That, combined with your compassion, curiosity, and interest in people’s journeys made it such a joy to work with you.”
“You held my stories gently, and your responses were thoughtful and kind. Digging in and really understanding my chart and its influences was challenging but rewarding work; your enthusiasm and encouragement made it a wonderful experience!”  Jeanne, Canada
“It is such a great program! I was able to apply it to every day life and grow and build upon it to make changes in my life that I desired and to help gain clarity on choices I was certain of. This program is a MUST for anyone that wants to grow and learn! Thanks so much Kriss!!!”  Ginger, U.S.
The AstroEVOLVE program provided an incredible road map for my own life’s journey: where I’m starting from, where I’m headed, and how I’m likely to get there. All that information is going to make it much easier to navigate the inevitable bumps ahead.  Jeanne, Canada

Thank you for the tremendous light you brought to my searching; you made it so much easier for me to see where I am going!”  V.R.

“Kriss, you helped me a lot to confirm my newfound directions for peace and lasting happiness. Thank you for sharing your vocation with others & for blessing me personally.”  S

I’ve had the privelege of receiving readings and insight from Kriss. She has so much experience in so many different fields and they all come together in a holistic way through her sessions. Kriss is kind, sensitive and intuitive. I always feel like she is on my side, rooting for me from the sidelines-encouraging me towards living my dream.Nikki from CA

“I am a student of the AstroEvolve program taught by Kriss. I have to say that I had minimal knowledge of astrology, but an ongoing interest in it over the years. However, I never really studied it or applied it to my life until the classes. Sure, like most. I read my sun sign. But, I never realized just how important the other planets play in supporting our sun sign and how much they really do affect our lives! Through her classes, I learned to work with all of the planets like a puzzle to make my life fit together and move in the direction that most benefited me. I gained valuable insight on how to deal with others. I learned my strengths and how to work and improve on parts of myself that I felt challenged by and improve these areas and grow. Kriss is very down to earth and teaches with an amazing amount of knowledge, but humor as well, while using everyday relatable examples. Her classes teach us to build upon all of these aspects and apply them in every day life.
Kriss’s classes are absolutely essential for anyone that wants to learn more about themselves and how to interact better with others and use their astrological gifts for improvement and manifestation.”  Ginger, U.S.

Tarot Readings 

Thank you so much Kriss for this reading. You said some things that at first I didn’t understand (or want to hear), but after reflecting make so much sense! I will definitely come to you again when I need some straight talk.   Marie, CA

Helpful. This reading gave me much-needed clarity on a perplexing issue.   Sandra

This reading was informative and helpful. Kriss provided the exact clarity and insight that I needed. I will be sure to return and to recommend this to my friends.   Janet

I can’t thank you enough for your reading.  You have a very kind, gentle and sensitive way to say things and are also very very accurate. Thank you very much Kriss! I just loved this reading.Claudia

I have read this a couple of times during the last few days and you are truly amazing!!!! I really feel that the reading is right on and answered questions that I had and some that I hadn’t even tapped into yet. You truly nailed it and to have the positive confirmation that I am on the right track and that it will all come together is really nice.Nicole