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You were born with a map to help you navigate your life. It is called your natal chart.

Understand how you can be the best version of yourself… the YOU you were born to be.  
Using your own chart, you can understand so much about how you are wired, what you need to be happy, and when to ask for what you want.

At a crossroads, feeling like your mind is on overload, or just feeling stuck?

An hour with me will make a world of a difference!  Click here to learn why and make an appointment.

“I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for our chat. I didn’t know the way forward and was full of self doubt. You helped me to connect back to who I am, which makes all of those difficult decisions seem so simple. Knowing what lessons I am currently facing helped me to understand so much. I am ready to move forward again! Thank you!”

Also, learn how to manifest with the Moon with astroMANIFEST. Discover the planner that is making a real difference in people’s lives. I offer something for the Do-it-Yourself person, written readings and a Facebook group where I do live New and Full Moon chats. Let’s work on manifesting your dreams! Click here.


Or maybe you’d just like a little tarot reading. I offer several written tarot readings over on my Etsy shop. Click here.