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Every New Moon we are given a magical opportunity to begin manifesting our dreams. New Moons are a time for planting seeds. When you plant a seed, you put it in the dark underground with your full expectation that, if nurtured properly, will grow into a mature plant. At a New Moon, the Moon is hidden from us…it is dark. It is time to plant your dreams.

There is nothing wrong with working with any dream you may have, but there is real power when that dream comes from a certain place in your natal chart where the Moon is activating. It is very particular for everyone.

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Then try one of these:

The Planner: My Moon Manifesting Planner is everything you need to plan your manifesting according to your own natal chart. Full of information! You can view a video and read more about them here. 2018 planners are on sale at There is a PDF version also.

Magical Moon Manifesting Reports: I look at your chart and let you know what is available to you for manifesting for that particular month. It is an in-depth look into your chart. I look at all the transits that will be affecting you that day. I give recommendations for ritual, crystals and essential oils. You can get them here at my Etsy shop. $75

**An intuitive astrology reading is $200/hr. This is more of a dialogue between us using the tools of astrology and intuitive guidance.
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