I was going through a very overwhelming period of my life, where I felt I had completely lost myself. No matter what I did, it seemed I was going in the wrong direction. 

During my session with Kriss, I felt understood, reassured, and supported. It was not only an astrology session for me, she took the time to listen to my concerns and provide guidance and explanations on the current transits impacting my life. It all made so much sense to me. It was such a flowing conversation, like one you have with a friend, which makes the experience very pleasant since she is able to connect to you like she knows you for long time and truly cares about you. I finished the session with a vision for the future, an understanding of my life and how to face upcoming challenges. 

She’s amazing. So helpful.

I have grown so much after we talked, my life has completely changed. I am working on my new projects and I could not have done it without your words and reassurance at that crucial moment in my life. Thank you.

Karen, UK

Kriss is amazing! I have used her Moon Manifesting Planner for years and love it! It’s a great way to tune in at each Full and New Moon to what is going on, and setting intentions. I recently did a reading with Kriss about my past stories and how they have carried over into this one. There were so many “aha’s” and “now I get it” moments. It gave context to things that I haven’t been able to understand before, and a way forward. I so appreciate Kriss’s insights. I don’t know where I would be without them. Nicole

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