I was listening to Iyanla Vanzant give an interview the other day. She was talking about a certain situation where she had such a “knowing” that she was able to have faith through a difficult time and even though all logical reason and other people’s opinions would have her lose that faith. She had such a knowing about it. When she said that word I felt a deep resonance all throughout my being. I can relate.

There have been a few situations where I have also had that deep knowing. This web site is one of them. I just knew it had to be built. So I spent the money on the best web designer to build a beautiful site without any plan of how I would recover the money. I just had a knowing that it had to be done and everything will work out just fine eventually. Trust. Faith. This is listening to the heart. This is the connection to the Divine.

I see that many of you readers go to the classes page. It is one of the most visited pages of this site. Logically I should offer you something. That is a no-brainer. But I don’t have that knowing about anything yet. I do have a feeling that I will be inspired over the summer. If I were to offer something now it would not represent what this site is about. I won’t do it.

I am about to leave on my dream trip. This was another knowing… I’ll explain. My whole life I have longed to go to France. There have been many dreams (literal dreams) of being at the airport and not being able to get on the plane for a variety of reasons, usually other people’s needs. Some people have reoccurring flying dreams, while I have reoccurring not-flying dreams… ha! The time to go to France was not right apparently.

So I was listening to a monthly audio and at the end of it the speaker mentioned that she was just about to leave to go and spend time where Mary Magdalene lived in the south of France. I kid you not when I tell you that my whole body heated up. It is time to go to France. I just know it.

This knowing is unmistakable. When you get it, honor it by following through. Sure, you can share your wild idea with others and let them talk you out of it (not that you can’t talk yourself out of it too). Or you can keep it private and let it gestate awhile first. It helps if you are stubborn like me.

This is the heart. This is God communicating with you. Fears and doubts have no business here. Let them go and have faith that your heart knows the path you must follow. How many times have you already ignored it?

There is another knowing I have right now. This one is still unfolding and so I am keeping it close. I have a feeling that it will be a big part of what I will share with you in the future, but now is not the time. I know that too.