New Moon

February 15, 1:06pm Pacific

(9:07 pm GMT)

Aquarius 27˚ 08′

Solar Eclipse


Pretend you can step out of your skin and float above your life and look at it without being held in by your emotions. Detach, see the bigger picture, and reach for a new vision. Every New Moon is an opportunity to bring something new into our lives and this Aquarius New Moon lets you step out of the box.

Aquarius is the visionary of the zodiac. It is an air sign. Where Aquarius falls in your chart shows you where you have a different take on things than others do; where you follow the beat of your own drum. It shows you where you are able to detach and create new visions for the future.

This New Moon is a partial solar eclipse. If you are in Argentina or south, you will be able to see it. But even if you can’t see it, the energy is still there. It makes this New Moon much, much stronger! Especially if it touches a planet in your chart (within 4 degrees). For those of you born Feb 13-17, this will definitely affect your Sun and provide you with an entire year of opportunity for new beginnings.

What house does this New Moon fall into? This is the area of your life where a new opportunity wants to come in. What intention do you have? Is your intention purely unique to you or is it something that you want because you “should” or because everyone else has it? Zero in on your own unique expression. What do you really want?

Mercury is also tagging along with this eclipse. Consider your intention having some sort of expression that involves you talking, writing, sharing with your community some information.

Aquarius shows us that we are all unique and we all contribute to our larger community. Different does not mean better. Different does not mean worse. It just means different. This New Moon, what can you bring forth from your unique vision to give to your community/the world?

The Star card in the tarot is associated with Aquarius. Notice how she is getting inspiration from the stars above and pouring it out onto the earth. It is an endless supply of inspiration and she gives it freely and is not concerned about her own safety (she is naked and vulnerable). An Aquarius New Moon is a time to tap into your own divine inspiration and act on it without concern what others think.



Consider using Moldavite for this Moon. This amazing space rock amplifies who you are and is an amazing celestial stone of transformation. Just know that it has really strong energy, so don’t sleep with it until you are used to it’s energy!

Come join us over in the astroMANIFEST Facebook group. I’ll be doing a live chat for this New Moon on 2/13 (Tuesday).

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