New Moon
April 15, 6:57 pm Pacific
(April 16, 1:58 am GMT)
Aries 26˚ 02′

Ready, set, go! In the wee hours of the morning just before the New Moon, Mercury goes direct. Time to assimilate all that Mercury has brought up for you and set your intention. (If you need a reminder about this particular Mercury Rx, watch my video.) The race horses at the gate was the image that came immediately to my mind for this New Moon. They can’t wait to run as fast as they can. The spectators have placed their bets, but they won’t know who will win until the end because there is a wild card in this race. Uranus is next to this New Moon. Aries is a doer; fast, first and courageous. Uranus is innovative, disruptive, revolutionary, and unique. How can you combine them for yourself? If you have been waiting for for someone to say, “Just do it”, wait no more. Seize this opportunity. Spring has sprung.

This New Moon is an opportunity for a jump start, a bolt of forward momentum. But remember… it is being asked of you in a SPECIFIC area of your life; the House where this New Moon lands in your birth chart. It is at 26 degrees. Where is this in your own natal chart? If you need some help on finding it, this post may help. I’ll be doing a live chat in the astroMANIFEST Facebook group on Saturday at 10am going through some member charts.

Let the spirit move you. This New Moon also reminds me of the Sufi whirling dervishes that do a physically active form of meditation involving whirling/twirling. This may seem like they are spinning out of control, and yes… if I did it, I would. But these dancers are very specially trained in maintaining a balance in their inner ear. Consider your dance a balance with you and Spirit. Ramp up the energy and let it propel you. There is wild movement, but an extreme focus. Think about that for your intention setting.

This is a fire Moon, so move, dance, light a candle, start a bonfire, or twirl. Do what feels right for you. Maybe add a little Bay Laurel essential oil to bolster your courage.