It is important to know who you are. I know you are thinking, “What a ridiculous statement!” But what I am saying is that it would boggle your mind to realize just how many of us are running around, living our lives, without knowing who we really are. I’m not saying that everyone has amnesia. Well, maybe I am.

I believe that before we are born we make plans; very detailed plans. Details like what kind of family we will be born into with all the social status, genetics, dysfunctions, strengths, and geography.   We decide who the key players will be in our lives and create agreements with them, as well as contingency relationships for when free will causes some misdirection. And we decide who we will be, our potential character. The natal chart is a blueprint for this. All of this so we will experience life in a way that we can learn certain lessons to evolve our soul.

Our family, friends, and society all help to mold and shape us; well meaning and not so well meaning, they do. It is what it is.   A problem occurs when what we are doesn’t fit into what “they” require from us. A couple of examples come to mind that illustrate this in an obvious way. The painfully shy boy that is always told that being shy is a bad quality. He is shamed for it. But he is a watcher and a feeler and when he feels safe, he opens the door to the amazing world of his imagination and insights. He grows up feeling bad for this beautiful gift of his. He grows up not feeling safe to let others into his world. He spends his whole life trying to NOT be who he is.

Or what about the girl who doesn’t think like everyone else. She always wants to do things in a different way. She is shamed for being weird, not supported for her unorthodox thinking. She grows up and fits herself into the “normal” box. We all know that is not going to last very long.

There are reasons for choosing these environments to grow up in, but that is a topic for another day. What I want to tell you here is there is a way to get rid of this shame and embrace those qualities in yourself that have been suppressed or misdirected. How? Astrology. Let’s go back to that blueprint you came in with when you were born. It is time to remember who you are. That shy young man I mentioned earlier, I might guess that there is a Cancer Moon hiding there along with some other factors (It is not really that simple. I know an Aries with a Cancer Moon who doesn’t come across shy at all!).

One of my clients was really struggling with putting herself out into the world. When I mentioned to her that I see that she is a deeply private person, she relaxed in the knowing that that was something she did not need to fix or change to do the work she longs to do.  Another client came to me and asked me what she needed to fix about herself. I just smiled and said, “Nothing.” Then we went through her chart and talked about her dreams and how her chart has given her all of the tools she needs to succeed.

Sometimes our dreams have threads that belong to us and the rest is what others want for us or what would be accepted. By looking at our charts, we can weed out what is true for others and nourish what is true for us.

In my own chart I have a preponderance of fixed signs. A fixed sign can be described as stubborn or not easily swayed. They hold the energy of a season. I like to think of it as an iron grip once my mind is made up. There is a reason I am wired that way and I don’t apologize for it at all; at least not any more! The trick for me is keeping an open mind before I make a decision. Learning how to work with what is given to us is just as important as knowing what we’ve got.

Your chart is the antidote for the amnesia. It reminds you of who you are and just what you wanted to experience and learn from in this life. It is important to look at the chart as a whole and not in separate pieces. Like any well-made machine, the parts all work together to achieve their goal.  Learn what tools you gave yourself and live your best life. You know that saying: God doesn’t make mistakes.

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