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Curious how you can easily manifest by following the flow of YOU?

Manifesting comes from the heart and is alignment with your true self.

The key that unlocks it all is your astrological birth chart. It is your very own soul’s blueprint that shows you when the time is right for attracting and releasing anything.

Every New Moon is a time for attracting/manifesting and every Full Moon is a time for examining and releasing. Knowing where the Moon falls in your own chart tells you the exact area of your life to take action in.

Have you ever thought?

I feel like I am just throwing darts into the darkness when I try to manifest. It feels forced.

Sometimes the Moon is really noticeable and other times, not at all. I wonder why?

There must be a better way to tune into myself, I feel like I have no direction.

What does the Universe WANT from me anyway?!!


Introducing the
only $12/month

A personal email from me magically appears in your inbox before every New and Full Moon telling you exactly what area of your life is ripe for attracting and releasing. No guesswork.

And if there is a Mercury, Venus or Mars Retrograde, I’ll also tell you where it will be affecting you.

No need to look at a chart, ever.

This is an extremely well thought out planner with an irreplaceable value! I was actually shocked by both the preparation and presentation of this unique and helpful package and I highly recommend it as a tool that can enhance your life!

I love having my chart to work with throughout the year. Thank you Kris for making it so accessible, and all of the wisdom and guidance that you provide. It helps a lot to be in the rhythm of things, and working with the Universe vs against it. xoxo

Oh my gosh! I was expecting something that was basic and kinda helpful, but this is SO MUCH MORE! It is jam-packed with info and really easy to understand…coming from someone who really doesn’t know anything about astrology. I especially love all the info on what crystals to use !

This thing is exactly what I needed. It has been helping me so much. As someone that already keeps in touch with the moon and my natal chart, it has saved me a lot of time looking all these things up while simultaneously fulfilling the therapeutic journaling I love so much.

So, one New Moon you may get an email that tells you that it is the right time for a fiery burst of growth in your house of money and self worth. Or one may tell you that now is the time for attracting an adventure in your house of partnerships. And on a Full Moon you might get an email that tells you that it is time for releasing things that no longer serve you in your house of career or home or day-to-day activities, or…

The point is, it will tell you exactly when the time is right for all of these things!

What do I get?

– 2 emails per month for each New and Full Moon specific to your own chart.

– Full access to the astroMANIFEST member site. This site will have all the information you will need for the New and Full Moons.

What do you need from me?

– I will need your date, exact time (not a guess), and place of your birth. The chart is for me… you will never have to look at a chart unless you want to. Time of birth is essential for this process.

What is in this email?

– My write-up for that New or Full Moon

– The email will tell you what house the Moon will be in and if it touches any planets in your chart. You do not need to look at your chart at all. If there is a Mercury, Venus or Mars retrograde, that will be included also.

– The email will also tell you if there have been any updates to the member site.

When will I receive these emails?

– Emails are sent 2-3 days prior to the New or Full Moon. There will not be any additional emails selling you things.

What is on the member site?

Once you get your email, you will need to go to the site to get the detailed information to go along with it. Everything you need and more is housed here.

– How to set intentions at the New Moon
– How to release at the Full Moon
– Ritual
– Vision Boards
– Crystals (what crystals to use, when and for what)
– Essential Oils
– Manifesting Tips
– Houses: extensive descriptions
– Signs (keywords, plus video describing the sign energies)
– When a New Moon Touches a Planet in Your Chart
– When a Full Moon Touches a Planet in Your Chart
– New and Full Moon Card Reading (pull your cards right here on the site and get the meanings and a journaling prompt… no cards needed!)

How much is it?

– $12 per month. You will be grandfathered in at this price unless you cancel. So if the price goes up, it won’t for you as long as you maintain your membership.

How do you process payments?

– I use Stripe or Paypal (your choice) to process payments. Membership is automatically renewed every month unless you cancel.

How do I cancel?

– Login to your account here and click “Cancel my account”.

Will I be charged VAT?

– No. This is a service, not a digital product.

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Let’s look at this thing together

and dig deeper!

ECLIPSE Coaching

You are probably someone who likes to go beyond the surface, leaving no stone unturned. This Moon work is full of treasures to be mined! Imagine having someone guide you through the ins and outs of your chart unearthing all the potentials of transformation that are available to you. Imagine having someone to anchor in you to yourself. We will look at everything that is affecting your chart and focus it on the opportunities that the Moon is offering you.

For three months you will receive my exquisite attention. There will be 6 thirty minute calls. PLUS you will also get everything that the astroMANIFEST MOON subscription provides.

I call it Eclipse Coaching because it allows you to eclipse all of that old programming that is out of alignment with who you really are.

I only take 4 clients at a time for this deep work.

The investment in yourself is $888 (US$)

Email me ( to set up a 20 minute free call to see if this is a right fit for you.

I got a reading with Kriss a few months ago, after finding out about her through searching on Etsy for a good astrological planner. I tend to research what I’m getting into with anything I do, and I was interested in Kriss in particular because her approach to astrology is so starkly different than the boiler plate weekly horoscope generalizations that one often sees when embarking on finding an astrologer to work with, She seemed to me to be open, smart, empathic, and knowledgable about astrology. The planner from her Etsy shop was really thorough, useful, and organized – well worth the money. I booked a natal chart reading, excited. As the time neared, my biggest concern was setting up Skype on my iPad to be able to talk with her from afar. Well, it went off without a hitch. Suddenly, I was sitting in my living room talking to a woman who was also sitting in her house, about the deepest parts of who and how I am in the world. Wow! Even though I thought I had a pretty good handle on it, Kriss found some really insightful pieces of my chart, that got very deep into my own inner motivations, the essence of how I tick. It was overall a validating experience for me that honed directly on the how, not the what, that I think, with valuable insight for moving forward in my life. I really can’t recommend it enough. I told my best friend about it before and after, and in fact, this year for her birthday, (She’s a Cancer sun) I’m buying her a reading with Kriss. Kriss is engaging, easy to understand, and very real. She also provided me very quickly with a recording of the reading, which I’ve gone back to several times. She is responsive to questions, and really makes sure you understand her answers. It was a valuable thing to have done for myself. I refer to it as a “revolutionary act of self care”. Thanks, Kriss!

My name Kriss Lumsden and I created astroMANIFEST.


Using this system, by far the most wonderful thing I have manifested is my soulmate. That’s us in the photo at our beautiful wedding overlooking the ocean in Carmel four years ago.

For more about me, visit my website


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