Astrology is an amazing tool to use for self-awareness and personal transformation. I want to show you an easy way to use it for manifesting.

Every month there is a New Moon. The New Moon is the time to set an intention. You can set any intention you want, but if you really want to flow with your life and not swim upstream, it is best to see what area of your life is best “up” for manifesting. In astrology, there are 12 houses. Each house is a particular area of your life. The house where the current New Moon is, is the area of your life that is available for setting an intention. It is like the Universe is saying, “Hey, we want you to improve this area of your life this month.”


To do this, you need a copy of your natal chart. There is going to be a lot of symbols and lines on this circle. Try to ignore them. You will simply want to find one point in the chart, and that is the sign and degree of the current New Moon. Ignore the Moon that is in your chart because that is your personal Moon and while that is a really important thing, you do not need to know anything about it for this purpose. Here is an article for locating a specific degree in your chart:

Once you have figured out what house the New Moon is in, look up the description of that house and decide what it is you want to intend within those parameters. You can always google more information on the house. I also have a much more detailed description and suggestions for things to manifest in each house in the Moon Manifesting Planner.

Then at the New Moon (not before), or within 12 or so hours after, set your intention.

2 weeks later when the Full Moon comes, repeat the process. Except instead of setting an intention, you will be looking for something to release that is in the way of realizing your intention. Like letting go of any bad habits you might have or something you know is not true to who you are.

Here is an example:

The New Moon was in my 10th House. I set an intention to increase the reach of my work to more people. Now, 2 weeks later the Full Moon is in my 5th House. I am deciding to let go of my rigid thinking of how my creative project is presented, because I am realizing that people are not understanding how I am presenting it, and that is blocking my New Moon intention.


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2018 Moon Manifesting Planner can be found here.