Full Moon
June 27, 9:53 pm Pacific
(June 28, 4:54 am GMT)
Capricorn 6˚ 28′

The Full Moon is about finding balance and releasing the excess. Finding balance with Cancer and Capricorn is kind of like finding balance with Mother and Father. I bet you can guess which one is Capricorn. So how can you lean into your inner dad during momma Cancer season?

Let’s keep it really simple here. The most well-known traits of Capricorn are hard working, ambitious and solitary. Capricorn work is all about making the inside match the outside. That is why it needs solitude; to see what’s inside so they can manifest it on the outside.. Where Capricorn can go off-track, is going in and staying there, OR manifesting with that ambition and never going in to see if it is in alignment.

Capricorn rules the 10th House of career, mission, fame and reputation.  Integrity is crucial. Doing things simply for the recognition and money is out of alignment. Capricorn achieves because it is in their heart and soul to do it, not because it pleases others. That internal process is crucial. But also, staying internal because of fear of the opinions of others, is a betrayal to their mission.

Saturn is lined up with the Full Moon. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so everything I said above is extra emphasized. Check that Capricorn in your chart and examine your own way of handling it. Saturn ALWAYS supports you when you work on being true to who you are.


On the same day that we have a Full Moon, Mars turns retrograde. It is a big deal because it only happens every couple of years. Mars is our will, drive, ambition, energy. It  likes it best when it is active, so turning retrograde isn’t comfortable. You will definitely feel it when your own use of will is in question. Check the House where Mars is passing through (Aquarius 8˚ to Capricorn 28˚). Any frustration, anger, or provocation in that area is a BIG SIGNAL to go inward and examine before reacting. How effective is your will in this area?

I highly recommend journaling any of these instances. Write down what happened, how you felt, how other’s reactions were, etc. You will have until August 28th to gather the evidence. Look for patterns and root causes. How can you do things more effectively? The time now is to just notice and breathe. Don’t react, because any reaction will probably be an overreaction. And remember that others are experiencing it too and may overreact. After August 28th, it will be time to test your theories and try out new methods.

Temper tantrums are simply childish. Lean into your internal mom and dad and grow up! 😉

Can you see how much of a blessing this Mars retrograde is? Never fear any planet activity. Stay grounded. Breathe. Call an astrologer to guide you through it.

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