New Moon
Jan 5, 5:29 pm Pacific / 9:29 pm Eastern
(Jan 6, 1:29 am GMT)
Capricorn 15˚ 25′

Let’s talk about ambition.

As soon as you read that, what went through your mind? Was it ideas of bullying masculine greed? What beliefs do you have around that word?

Let’s reframe those beliefs here and now. Ambition is not a dirty word. Mother Theresa was ambitious. Jesus was ambitious… to spread their good works/ good words to others. Capricorn is accused of being ambitious. They have their eye on the prize and push forward to achieve it. If the prize is something that comes from the soul and not your fears, it is a worthy goal. Let’s look at ambition in this way.

This New Moon is surrounded by Saturn and Pluto. These are usually the planets that most people are afraid of. They take us to task. They teach us and cleanse us in ways that can be seriously difficult. This intention that you set on this New Moon is an important one. It’s time to get real. It is time to grow up. It is time to take responsibility. What does your soul want?

Get ambitious. Capricorn is an earth sign. This is where we lay a foundation… we plant the tree, build the house. What is the foundation for all of your dreams for 2019 and beyond? Pluto is going to clear the way and Saturn is going to help you build. It is not going to be a cake walk because stuff will come up to heal in order for your foundation to be strong. I guarantee it. Don’t resist. Deal with it. Let it move on through.

You got this. Stay ambitious. The world needs you.