So often our minds spin. Anxiety kicks in. We lose any ability to focus. I want to share with you what I do when that hits me. It is a quick version of a meditation I learned from Naisha Ashian in my crystal class years ago. It is very simple and can take no time at all or longer if you do it slower.

Basically you start at the feet. Imagine roots growing out the bottom of your feet. Really concentrate until you feel a sensation on your soles. Slowly grow those roots down down down into the earth through all the layers until you reach a cave in the middle of the earth with crystals.

Wrap your roots around the crystals. Keep wrapping until you feel they are very secure. Feel the energy of the middle of the earth. Dense, earthy, full of rich minerals. Grounding.

Leave your roots wrapped around the crystals. They are energy pathways now. They will always be there. Then take the earth’s energy back up your roots. Pull the energy into your body and bring it directly into your heart. Hold it there.

Now start at your crown, send antennae from the top of your head up into the heavens. Gather all the light-filled divine energy and bring it back down and settle it into your heart.

Feel both energies mingle together in your heart and breathe in deep breaths of this energy. Do you still feel your soles pulsating? Keep pulling up the energy. Do you feel the lightness in the top of your head? Keep bringing that energy down into your heart.

You can stay and breathe in this energy as long as you like. If you have the time and feel completely filled, you can share this heart energy with a loved one, your community, the world. Just imagine the light coming from your heart and encapsulating your intention. Then bring it back into your heart. Breathe into your heart again.

Once you have created these pathways, your energy field can travel much quicker through them, as if you built a highway of love.

Don’t you feel better now?


© 2016 Kriss Lumsden