As soon as I take a look at where a New Moon falls in my natal chart, things start brewing in my mind as to how best I can use the energy. Doing a New Moon ritual is a wonderful way to approach manifesting. We all have a schedule in our life; a timing where things line up. If you honor it and act, you can make things fall into place easier. I wanted to share with you how very powerful and simple this can be.

I will use this current New Moon in Cancer as an example. The Cancer New Moon falls into my 5th house and creates a lovely grand trine with my Moon and Pisces planets. Knowing that, I see that this is about creation and intuition. I also have some other transits that highlight acting on inspiration.

I chose an image of the Empress card that really spoke to me to represent the birth of a new creative project. I found a rock with holes in it while I was at the beach to represent the power of water. A clear glass globe is included to represent the Moon. The beads represent my work in the world and I put some laurel and wild tansy essential oil in my oil burner.

On a piece of paper I wrote down what I wanted to manifest and tucked it behind the Empress image. And lastly I pulled 3 cards from a tarot deck asking what message the New Moon had for me.

As I sat smelling the oils and gazing at my offering, I repeated my request and asked that the clear quartz pieces be infused with that desire to amplify things.

There are no rules to a New Moon ritual. You can make up whatever you want. The important thing is to focus your thoughts on your intention. Always look to see where the New Moon falls in your chart. The Universe is giving you an opportunity.

If you aren’t able to do the astrology piece on your own, I do offer New Moon Manifestation Readings here on my site and on my Etsy shop. If there is a specific thing you want to manifest, I can do the reading for that particular New Moon.

Go be creators of your future!

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