Crystals are amazing. Not only are they absolutely beautiful, but also they are powerhouses of healing and aligning. There are as many different kinds of stones as there are issues. If you want to really tailor a stone to your needs, you can program clear quartz with other stones and your intentions. I will tell you how to do that, but first a few basics. This is part one in a 4-part series.



The Crystal Shop



A stone can find its way to you in a few different ways. A friend may gift you with one. A stone may pull you towards it in a store. Or you may just select a stone based on the properties you are looking for. Seek out information on these suggestions to confirm they are the right stones for your purpose. Bring a list of several with you when you go shopping (unless you already have what you need).

When at the crystal store, let the energy be your guide. Try not to get overwhelmed! You may feel drawn to a certain color or there seems to be a pull towards a particular location. You may be drawn to something you didn’t think you needed. That’s okay! The point is to trust yourself… you are the expert.

Next thing to do is to hold a stone in your hand and ask it, “Do you want to work with me?” Be open to any feelings you feel in your body when you ask that question. You are looking for a positive feeling. Try a few. Some of you may feel a tingling in your palm when you hold a stone… that is a good signal that you might want to work more with the stones because they speak to you.


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