This is part 2 in my 4-part series on crystals.




Once you get your stone home, you will need to cleanse it. A saltwater rinse or even just washing the stone in the sink will do the trick. The most important thing to do when cleansing is to set the intention that you are clearing all the previous energies that have attached to the stone away. Your intention and focus is super powerful. I also like to ask Archangel Michael to use his blue light to clear the stone and I imagine that in my mind.

If you are fortunate to live by the sea, you can also cleanse your stones in the ocean. I don’t leave my stones sitting in the water. They are in, they’re out. Some stones don’t do so well sitting in water such as Selenite, Celestite, Calcite, Turquoise, Angelite, Rhodochrosite, Fluorite, and Azurite.



You can also smudge your stones with Sage or Palo Santo. Run your stones through the smoke and hold the intention that you are cleansing them. Some stones are said to not need any cleansing ever, but I do it anyway as I feel it establishes a relationship between me and the stone.


Once your stones are cleansed, you might want to charge them if time allows. Charging your stones is like giving them a vitamin shot. It amps up their ability to allow their true essence to be of service. It is like how you can function better at work if you take a vacation once in a while.

All you need to do to charge stones is to set them out in the Full Moon. You can set them on a windowsill or somewhere outside. This will work even if it is cloudy. The Full Moon rays will charge up your stone. Now you are ready to go.


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