How To Resuscitate Your Spirit








Everyone else thinks your life is pretty sweet, but deep down you don’t agree. You don’t really have anything to complain about, but you feel you are dying inside.

I hear you. I can relate. I have never hit rock bottom. I hear all these stories from teachers and coaches, etc. how they were homeless or in rehab. I don’t have that experience to share. My past issues were more mundane, barely registering on the richter scale. If you knew me 10-20 years ago, you would think I had it good. And I did have it good. Good husband, beautiful home, awesome kids, but…

Maybe you are in that place too. You aren’t in crisis, but you feel like you are. So how do you resuscitate yourself?

Astrology has been my cardioversion. I have done a deep dive into it, but you don’t have to. Just following the New and Full Moon around your chart is enough to breathe life back into you. No memorizations or classes to take.

Where the New Moon is every month is the place in my life where I need to plant a new seed, dream a new dream. It is my opportunity to see what is not fitting me like a glove and what I want to change. So I follow the New Moon as it goes all around my chart, in every area of my life. I dream and tweak and release (Full Moon) over and over. Everything changes. I start to remember who I am, what real joys feels like. And the best part is it is super easy to do!

Every month I send out a letter giving you the scoop on the upcoming New Moon energy.

There is also a New Moon Manifesting FaceBook group for asking questions and sharing experiences. It is a private group and you can join here.

Try it out for yourself!