I watched a movie on Netflix the other night. Shirley MacLaine was playing the grandmother to Julia Stiles’ character. The movie wasn’t great so I won’t bother to share the title with you, even if I could remember. But, there was this one gold nugget in it. The grandmother said to her granddaughter, “Why do you think your life is not working? Maybe because it is not your life?”

Yes, life has its ups and downs. That is how we stretch and grow. I’m not talking about tornadoes or death of loved ones, I’m talking about things that happen TO us personally like job changes, relationship struggles, etc. Sometimes these things happen in a dramatic way, as if we are being FORCED to stretch and grow. Why would we need to be forced? It is my opinion that we sometimes have to be forced because we have strayed so far from who we are that we need strong course corrections to wake us up.

When we know who we are, it is easier to deal with life’s bumps. They are not so forceful. Miracles even begin to occur on a frequent basis. I have been discovering that for myself and I have been witnessing it in others.

When we strip away all of the shoulds and the shame and the guilt, we can see the amazing beauty of our soul. We can see the amazing brilliant light that our soul is and that the world needs. I have heard it said that God doesn’t make mistakes and I truly believe that. However humans, well… we are pros at blunders. We categorize and misguide ourselves out of love and fear. So it is up to us as individuals to get back to our source, back to the true essence of our divine souls.

How will we do that? That is where the heart is needed. The heart speaks the language of the soul and we cannot do this work without listening to it. Can’t hear it? Get some help. Sometimes we need to talk with someone who is not attached to our choices, someone who is only there to provided unbiased clear guidance, Someone who will help you hear your own innate heart guidance. You need someone who has done this work on themselves so they know the way. Use your heart to guide you to the right people. You can feel who you resonate with and whom you don’t…it feels good.

Find your way to the flow of your life. Start paddling downstream. It is not without obstacles, but infinitely easier.

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