New Moon
June 13,  12:43 pm Pacific
(7:44 pm GMT)
Gemini 22˚ 44′

This New Moon in Gemini is a Supermoon! A Supermoon is when the Moon is a bit closer to the Earth than usual. This causes higher/lower tides, as well as more of an energetic affect on ourselves as well. So take advantage of the extra oomph in energy. Plus… don’t you just love the master numbers of the degree?!

You may want to up your stakes by joining the 5 Day Manifesting Challenge that I will be running in the astroMANIFEST Facebook group beginning on Tuesday, June 12th at 11:00 am Pacific. Take your intention setting to a new level! It is all free. 🙂

A Gemini New Moon is an opportunity to lean into Gemini. Figure out what house this New Moon is in your own chart (ALWAYS). That house is the area of your life that you want to set a Gemini intention.

Gemini is all about communication (it is ruled by Mercury). Where Sagittarius wants to philosophize, Gemini is only interested in the facts. Like the journalist of the zodiac, acquiring and sharing facts is what Gemini lives for. What are you learning? Who are you sharing it with? Are you leaving behind any biased opinion? Are you looking at a variety of sources? What else can you learn? Input, input.

Gemini is a mutable sign. It is the last sign of Spring that turns into Summer (or Fall to Winter, down-under). It is open to change. It is flexible. Gemini can hold opposing viewpoints in one hand and add a couple more to the other… like a juggler never holding on to any one ball (idea) for long. So how can you add more adaptability, networking, learning and curiosity into the house where this New Moon lands?

Rosemary or Basil are great oils for this air Moon. And you can’t go wrong with a Fluorite crystal.

Always set your intention directly AFTER the New Moon, not before.


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