Full Moon
March 20, 6:43pm Pacific / 9:43pm Eastern /March 21, 2:43am GMT
Libra 0˚ 09′

Like the Universe wants to stop us before we all go into Aries overdrive; this Full Moon is at the VERY beginning of Libra just as the Sun begins to move into Aries.


How can you stand up for yourself without making the other person wrong? How can we all agree to disagree? What happened to healthy, vigorous debate without blaming, shaming or scapegoating? Decisions do need to be made, but now is not the time. Now is the time to hear everyone out, equally, respectfully. This Full Moon wants us to put on the brakes before we go full-on into battle and truly listen with our hearts.


There is healing here. Chiron stands with the Sun. The healing is for the warrior. When you stand up for yourself, a cause, or another person, you are embodying the warrior archetype. The warrior is being asked to soften and listen. Take a breath. We all react from our wounds… all of us. When there is no reaction, there is no wound. All that is left is a silvery scar that displays your evolution.


At this Full Moon, connect to your heart. Allow it to open fully. Allow yourself to feel a connection to all living beings. Breathe in love and breathe out compassion. Compassion for EVERYTHING. Let go of anything that doesn’t allow you to do that.


Here is a little video I did on the dynamic of a Full Moon: https://youtu.be/Evofew__aos
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