Elizabeth Foley: Angels and Ascended Masters

I’m so glad you can share your wisdom with everyone here , Elizabeth! Can you tell our readers a little bit about what it is you do?

I dabble. I do spiritual teachings, counseling, healing work, angel readings, and I am also a self-published author. I truly have my hands in a lot of different pots… truly a dabbler.

Who are the angels?

I see Earth as a giant schoolhouse and God knew that it was going to be a very hard school. So God created angels to help us with our mastery, to help us live the lives we signed up for. Everyone has guardian angels regardless of race, gender, or anything else. They are not people who have passed. They are purely beings of love and light. They are always around to guide, guard and protect us. They know everyone’s life purpose and path. They know what is coming down the pipeline for us, what is in store for our future. So they can help us with better discernment, making better decisions and actions. They can help us clear away blockages so we can truly stand in our divine essence and power. Everyone has guardian angels whether they believe in them or not.

I come from a research background, a pharmaceutical background. I had to create change about twelve years ago and wasn’t sure whether the angels really existed, but they started showing up. Magical things started truly happening when I invited them in. I opened the door and asked them to join me in the work that I do and to have better discernment on everything, relationships, family and friends, healing, finances and work. We always have access to our guardian angels and 24/7 and we also have access to the archangels and they all have their own specialty.

Who are the Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters have walked on this earth plane as a mortal. They did have egos, but they learned how to master their egos and how to balance out their karma. They all have their own specialty and their own unique energy signature no different than we do, no different than the angels do. They are showing up more and more for people because spiritually we are more advanced now. We are more open to receiving help and guidance. Many people are starting to question who they are. They are starting to question the bigger picture, wondering, “Am I more than just being a mom or a dad, more than just a 9-5 job?” And the answer is yes. The Ascended Masters are here to help us with our own ascension, our own mastery and to help us create universal peace.

I was thinking that the angels have a role in helping us to live from our hearts.

Yes, and also the Ascended Masters, especially the divine feminine energies of Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. Those are the two Masters that are really coming in to work with us, not only for women, but also for everyone. Because we truly need to start living in our hearts, to be more kind, to be more compassionate, more understanding and less judgmental. That is the key for truly creating heaven on earth. First we need to have self-love and then to be able to spread that love out to others.

You can see from the news that there is very heavy mental energy, very male energy. I am thinking right now of North Korea. The hearts are closed and that is also a lot of young souls. The Ascended Masters are here to help wake everyone up to be more kind and compassionate. And that is the bottom line, the key to heaven on earth. It is not going off somewhere and creating it somewhere else, but having it truly right here. We have that ability to create a peaceful world.

Our angels and our Ascended Masters can help us remember who we are. We are sentient beings and we have such wonderful gifts. We have the power to manifest, we have the power to heal and more importantly we have the power to love. They help to remind us and to tap into that energy if we CHOOSE to. That is where our free will comes in. Everything is there to tap into, but we have to choose to use it. We have to ask for their help. We have to want help. We have to recognize when we need help. And then truly ask for help and be open to it.

How do we connect with our angels and the Ascended Masters?

It’s real easy. I would be pushing my Easy Button from Staples right now. We take things way too seriously, so I push my Easy Button. The first step is that you want to connect with them. It is that desire. That intent that I really and truly want to connect with them. The second step is to allow your heart and mind to be open. And the third step, you just invite them in and talk to them like you and I are talking right now, or like talking to your best friend because in truth they are. They listen to our every thought, words, feelings, and our actions. They can help us to see the bigger picture, what’s going on in our life. They help us to see the lessons and the blessings. They help us to shift from seeing with our human eyes, which is full of judgment, to seeing with our spiritual eyes, which shows us the divine plan being played out now. It really is just that simple.

How do we hear the angels and Ascended Masters?

God, the angels, the spirit world talk to us through our 6th sense, our gift of intuition, our psychic abilities. So it’s seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. Everyone has psychic gifts and potential, but it’s choosing to be open to that and exercising your intuitive muscle. I tell people if they can take a psychic development class, take one. It is like going to a gym and exercising your body. You need to exercise your psychic muscle too. There are lots of ways to develop that muscle that doesn’t cost a thing. The stronger you develop that muscle, the stronger that connection is going to be combined with your heart energy. For me, all my clairs are clear and when I do a reading for someone, I don’t ever know how the information is going to come through. They might show me a picture or whisper in my ear, or it might just be an instant knowingness…I just know this is what’s going on.

Do they also leave us signs?

Yes, they also speak to us through signs and synchronicities. Things keep happening over and over again. That is their way of telling us that they are trying to get this message through, please pay attention. I remember when I first started doing readings. I always pull a card or two to get a message for myself for the day. For about three months I kept getting these two cards together. One was the Study card, it means keep up your studies and learn and grow. The other card was the Miracle card; expect a miracle, a healing, or something good to happen. When I kept getting the cards together over and over again, they were telling me that I wasn’t getting the message. What they were trying to tell me, with just the cards, was that I should study The Course of Miracles.

They talk to us in so many different ways. Sometimes it is just to say we love you and don’t forget to talk to us or sometimes it is a really important message that you need to get.

It is amazing that once you open to it, they are just right there. They are just right there waiting and hoping that you ask for their assistance. 

Yes, and it is because of your free will that they can’t just dive into action. The only exception to that rule is when we are in a life-threatening situation before it is our time. It is only then that an angel can take physical form and help us out of a burning building or a car accident or something and then return back to their natural state of pure light.

Do the angels and Ascended Masters have any messages for our readers now?

There are three things that they are inviting humanity to do as a whole right now.

  1. Have an open heart.
  2. Trust our own connection and trust our own intuitive ability. There is a lot of doubt and a lot of fear and they are asking us to really start trusting our own guidance.
  3. We need to step firmly on our own path and not follow the path of others. So many times we give our own personal power away by trusting others on blind faith instead of doing our own check-in. We need to follow our heart, our guidance and our own team (angels/guides) because they see the bigger picture.

You can find Elizabeth at http://www.divinehealing.us where she offers local (Nashua, NH) and online classes, hosts events, and offers personal readings.

Elizabeth also has authored 3 books available on her site and through Amazon and BN:

Awakening the Lightworker Withinfor people just getting started and Elizabeth’s own personal journey. Includes information about angels and ascended masters.

Angel Readings for Beginners: Written in a way that you can use any deck of cards to learn how to do angel readings.

A Guidebook for Advanced Angel Readings: Takes you further than the Beginner book.


Coming soon:

The Angel and the Medium; Love and Healing From Beyond the Veil with Victoria Anne due out September 1.






Hand-Holding With the Angels Exercise


This is a powerful exercise that only takes a few minutes. It is a way to feel the presence of your angels in a very tangible way.


Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Focus on your breath. Rest your hands on your lap with your palms open. Have the thought and intention that you are going to connect with your angels. Just that intention starts opening up the door. Silently to yourself or out loud say, “My guardian angels please be with me now. Come in very close to me and connect with my energy or essence.” Just start to get a sense of how many angels are around you. Then ask your angels, Please put your hand in my left hand right now.” Compare how your left hand feels compared to your right. Start discerning any differences that you feel. Feel their energy; it’s all about energy. Then very, very slowly… and I do mean slowly… begin to close your left hand, noticing what it feels like and do the same with the right. Compare both hands and see if there are any differences. Raise your left hand up ever so slowly, noticing what it feels like. Do the same with the right and feel the differences. Lay your hands back down on your lap. If there is anything you want to say to your angels, now is a good time, even if it is just a hello or I need some help today. Then thank your angels for connecting with you.