Full Moon
Total Lunar Eclipse
January 20, 9:17pm Pacific / Jan 21, 12:17am Eastern
Leo 0˚ 52′

I’m sure you are already feeling this one. We enter the season of Aquarius with a total Lunar Eclipse, not a partial eclipse… but a total one. The kind that frightened our ancestors because the Moon turned red. But fear not!
This Full Moon is all about releasing the shackles that have imprisoned your heart. A Full Moon is about releasing and Leo is about big love and sharing your light with others. The Full Moon is also about balance. This one is balancing Aquarius with Leo. Aquarius can be rather detached. Now, this is good so that logic can prevail, but cold logic without heart is empty. Aquarius wants to bring enlightenment to the world but it has to follow the path of the heart. The heart is the center of our being, just like the Sun in our solar system. So this Full Moon asks you to release anything that is blocking your own path of the heart.
Here is a little video I did on the dynamic of a Full Moon: https://youtu.be/Evofew__aos
Since this is a total Lunar Eclipse, the energy is strong, very strong. Take this opportunity to consciously release.
Eclipses repeat every 19 years. Look back to discover themes.