All right, how many of you have tried online dating? Apparently it is pretty much the norm these days. I’m giving it a shot. I work from home and rarely meet new people unless I am at a workshop. And let’s face it, most of the people are women and none of them live near me. So I decided to feed my soul on an online dating site. Doesn’t that sound highly improbable?

I told myself I was going to take it slow and try getting to know a few men at a time. I wanted to see what was out there. I also wanted to be able to stand firm in who I am. I’m not a big camper. I don’t want to make nachos for my man while he watches the game every weekend. And I don’t want to be anywhere near that freshly killed carcass that my man proudly brought home. So the challenge for me was to pass up the exceptional smile when those things were listed in the profile. And don’t think, “But he is so cute!” doesn’t go through my mind.

Four days after joining I went on my first date. He had all the qualities, said all the right things and his emails were without too many spelling errors. (This is a pet peeve. Match has a spellchecker… please!) We went to dinner and totally hit it off. I immediately ignored my intention of getting to know several guys and focused on this one. I was pretty pleased with myself that I had hit the jackpot on the first try.

So you know I am an astrologer. Well I made the mistake of letting him show me his chart. My Aquarius Mercury was all up in it. I saw all the potential. I am an optimist. The thing is, your Moon is your key to your happiness, not your Mercury. By the fourth date, my Moon sensed something that was unsettling for me. I called my good friend and talked it out with her. The next date affirmed what I had sensed without a doubt. It was a real deal-breaker so I said goodbye.

Of course I immediately thought WTF?? But then I saw all the gifts. Yes, he is a great guy and I got a chance to know him a little. I was able to keep clear boundaries for myself; what is okay for me and what is not. I didn’t fall into my old pattern of absorbing someone else’s wound, even though I had attracted it. I went through that lesson pretty fast. I realize that I have made so much progress and I am that much closer to clearing the pattern for good.

So back to reinstating my original intentions. Trying to do this the way I wanted to the first time, I have three dates with three different guys this week. And I will NOT look at their charts. I am going to let my Moon decide who stays or goes. It is much smarter anyway. Oh yeah… that is what living from the heart looks like.


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