Mystic Moon Goddess

Awaken your sovereign power.


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Imagine… in only 90 grace-filled, loving and powerful days:

  • Peeling off layers and layers of well-meaning junk that family and society has put on you that is suffocating and stopping you from living as a vibrant, healthy, lit-up woman!
  • feeling the full power of your intuition and unique brilliance every day, knowing that you have an amazing team to assist you in all things at any moment.
  • having confidence in your next steps, not because someone told you what to do, but because you know who you are and what you want.
  • mastering manifesting while still being in complete integrity with yourself.
  • being in complete alignment in your relationships, your work… your life.

Shift from being owned and controlled by your past trauma to being liberated and free so that you can rise up!

Shift from a lack of trust in yourself to confidently trusting yourself implicitly.

Shift from feeling lackluster to feeling full of life.

Shift from confusion to clarity in who you are and what you want.

Express and share your purpose, rise into abundance and live without the pain of regret and soul suppression!


3 private 60 minute astrology coaching calls with me.

6 x 1 hour LIVE group calls every 2 weeks with Q & A and accompanying PDFs.

3 months private community group (plus an additional 3 months after the program, 6 months total): A live intention setting ritual at each New and Full Moon, and a live meditation every month. 


Personalized Moon Manifesting Planner and a 
Mystic Moon Goddess Box (delivered before our 4th call) a handmade wooden box filled with an oracle, a tarot deck, 3 full size (Wisdom of the Earth) essential oils, and 4 large high-vibe crystals.



You will get 3 months of personal attention… my eyes on your chart, your story, and your dreams. We will work together to claim your amazing future!

The 6 Modules are: M*Y*S*T*I*C

We will meet every 2 weeks for a one hour Zoom call with Q and A at the end. Each call will be recorded and available as a replay for those who could not make the live call.

Mystic:  Moon

Understand your own personal flow within the Universe and know when it is the right time to bring in new energies and release outdated patterns. Learn how to apply each New and Full Moon to your own birth chart in a simple way that will keep your compass pointed towards your path. You will also learn how to get yourself out of a funk by feeding your Moon (my #1 go-to). You will receive your own Moon Manifesting Planner personalized with your birth chart so you can work with the energy of every New and Full Moon.

mYstic:  You

Establish a connection to your wise higher self through journaling and dreams and astrology. How journaling can assist you into tapping into your own intuition. Understand how the simple act of writing down what is in your head releases the energy that gets trapped in there. We will also take a look at dreams and how working with them can reveal an amazing symbolic universe that only you can understand. You will have 3 one hour astrology sessions with me. Those can be a natal, past life or further exploration into your birth chart and transits.

myStic:  Spirit

How to calm your mind, connect, and ask for help. Learn the easiest and most effective forms of meditation that you can do anywhere, anytime. Open the lines of communication with your angels and guides, knowing your team of helpers is always with you waiting for you to ask for their help. Also, learn how to use the Violet Flame of St. Germaine… the most powerful clearing method..

mysTic:  Tarot

Using tarot and oracle cards as a tool for guidance. Tarot and oracle cards are powerful tools of communication between you and the Divine and your Higher Self. Understand how tarot and oracle decks work, how to do a daily draw, how to do a past/present/future reading, and how to make your own layout. You will receive a tarot deck and an oracle deck in your Mystic Moon Goddess Box.

mystIc:  Inhale

Using essential oils, nature’s most powerful plant medicine, for self growth. You will gain an understanding of the basic do’s and don’ts  as well as learn how to ground, move blocked energy and gain courage and confidence.
You will receive 3 full-sized bottles of essential oils. (Wisdom of the Earth brand)

mystiC:  Crystals

I saved the best for last! Amplify your meditation and manifesting with crystals. They are so much more than just something pretty to look at. I’ll show you how to choose, cleanse, charge and program your crystals and then what to do with them… What do you do with them? You will receive 4 large crystals in your Mystic Moon Goddess Box.

Do you really want a transformation?

One astrology reading is not going to do it.

If you are a “Hell, yes!”, email me for payment processing.

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What people have to say about working with me:

From Nikki:
I’ve had the privilege of receiving readings and insight from Kriss. She has so much experience in so many different fields and they all come together in a holistic way through her sessions. Kriss is kind, sensitive and intuitive. I always feel like she is on my side, rooting for me from the sidelines-encouraging me towards living my dream.

From Nicole:
Kriss Lumsden is amazing! I have used her Moon Manifesting Planner for years and love it! It’s a great way to tune in at each Full and New Moon to what is going on, and setting intentions. I recently did a reading with Kriss about my past stories and how they have carried over into this one. There were so many “aha’s” and “now I get it” moments. It gave context to things that I haven’t been able to understand before, and a way forward. I so appreciate Kriss’s insights. I don’t know where I would be without them.

From Vienne:
You have such a talent for seeing and explaining the forces at work in people’s lives. That, combined with your compassion, curiosity, and interest in people’s journeys made it such a joy to work with you.

From Kidd:
Kriss Lumsden Is a woman of integrity and dedication. She is so knowledgeable about Astrology and what it means to each person. She helps you on your journey to finding yourself. I would recommend any time you can hear her speak or you get your chart done by Kriss, you will find out so much about who you are! You will open up to the gifts that you have as well as opening up to the possibility in your life and the confidence to live them. Thank you Kriss.

From Rebekah:
“I got a reading with Kriss a few months ago, after finding out about her through searching on Etsy for a good astrological planner. I tend to research what I’m getting into with anything I do, and I was interested in Kriss in particular because her approach to astrology is so starkly different than the boilerplate weekly horoscope generalizations that one often sees when embarking on finding an astrologer to work with, She seemed to me to be open, smart, empathic, and knowledgeable about astrology. The planner from her Etsy shop was really thorough, useful, and organized – well worth the money. I booked a natal chart reading, excited. As the time neared, my biggest concern was setting up Skype on my iPad to be able to talk with her from afar. Well, it went off without a hitch. Suddenly, I was sitting in my living room talking to a woman who was also sitting in her house, about the deepest parts of who and how I am in the world. Wow! Even though I thought I had a pretty good handle on it, Kriss found some really insightful pieces of my chart, that got very deep into my own inner motivations, the essence of how I tick. It was overall a validating experience for me that honed directly on the how, not the what, that I think, with valuable insight for moving forward in my life. I really can’t recommend it enough. Kriss is engaging, easy to understand, and very real. She also provided me very quickly with a recording of the reading, which I’ve gone back to several times. She is responsive to questions, and really makes sure you understand her answers. It was a valuable thing to have done for myself. I refer to it as a “revolutionary act of self care”. Thanks, Kriss!”

Why me?

Because we are a lot alike, you and I.

  • Passionately committed to our own personal growth
  • Seekers
  • Intuitive  Sensitive Feminine  A Dreamer
  • We are not afraid of the truth.
  • Driven  Decisive  Courageous  Self Reliant

But sometimes you go through a crisis or a major transformation and you need someone to remind you who you are. Sometimes, you just wake up one day and say, “I’m not going to be a people-pleaser, a ghost, in my own life anymore.”

I had to work overtime to figure out who I am and what I want out of life. It is my sacred mission to make this much easier for others.

I am the black sheep (the weird one) of my family. I really need to get one of those sweaters made from the wool of black sheep… it’s a thing! I went through a long period of time where the black sheep was not what I wanted to be. I wanted to be loved and accepted by my family so I tried to prescribe by the same priorities and values. But the more I tried, the more dissatisfied I was. I knew it was not the right path for me. I used to hide my studies of astrology, tarot, and other things. But you know when you are not congruent with your true self, you kinda do things that are out of the blue, things that make those around you say, “Where is that coming from?” When I left my 18 year marriage, that is what most people asked because yes, it looked like I was crazy.

Learning to live your true self takes a lot of work, a lot of inside work. It also takes a lot of courage; courage that I have and courage that you have. Because it is scary to follow your own path, but it is so damaging to your whole being not to.

I have found the most helpful things along the way that facilitate this inner power. Astrology, hands down, is the quickest route to a congruent life. For me, I had to learn ALL about it. But I know how to share parts of it that will help you without having to learn much of anything. I did private classes when my sons were babies, lots of self study, a few classes by Eric Francis and Rob Hand, some intensive workshops with Robert Ohotto learning archetypal astrology, and then the best apprenticeship ever with Steven Forrest which lasted 3+ years learning the ins and outs of evolutionary astrology. Yeah, I really love astrology.

I also love tarot, numerology, crystals, essential oils, angels and energy healing… all of which I have certifications in. Flower essences, shamanism, magick, and whatever else you can think of, I’ve probably read about it or tried it. I’ve got a whole set of encyclopedias in my head!
Being who I am, once I got really clear on what that even was, feels really good! It is like breathing fresh air after living with a ton of pollution. The pollution is all the conditioning we get in life; what everyone else wants us to be or think or behave. Even with the best of intentions, we are led away from our true selves. I actually think our purpose in life is to learn to be our true self.

But you don’t need to take 20 years to get to this point.
Take my hand.
Let me show you the Cliff Notes version of my own process.
It’s all you need to completely turn yourSELF around.

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