New Moon
March 17, 6:12 am Pacific
(1:12 pm GMT)
Pisces 26˚ 53′

A healing of spirit, of connection to the divine, is the opportunity of this New Moon. The Sun and the Moon are joined in Pisces and just one degree away is Chiron. Chiron in Pisces has made us all accutely aware of our connection to Source as well as our earthly separation from it. It has been in Pisces since 2011 and will dip in and out of Aries later this year. There is a final push now for our understanding that we all come from the same place, made from the same energy, even though we seem different. Compassion is required. Empathy, a must. Many of you have your natal Chiron in Pisces. You will understand especially.

This New Moon is an opportunity for healing and finding a new way to embrace compassion in our own lives. But remember… it is being asked of you in a SPECIFIC area of your life; the House where this New Moon lands in your birth chart. It is at the very end of the 26th degree… you could call it 27 degrees. Where is this in your own natal chart? If you need some help on finding it, this post may help. I’ll be doing a live chat in the astroMANIFEST Facebook group on Friday at 2pm going through some member charts.

Pisces is so much about FLOW. The water flows all around us and in us. It is always there and we are always connected, but we forget. Use this New Moon to remind you and encourage yourself to reconnect to what is always within your reach.

This is a water Moon. Take a bath, drink lots of water, swim, or enjoy a soothing fountain. Make a paper boat with your intention and float it on a river. Do what feels right for you. Maybe add a little Frankincense essential oil.
May this video spark something inside of you!