I love having my chart to work with throughout the year. Thank you Kriss for making it so accessible, and all of the wisdom and guidance that you provide. It helps a lot to be in the rhythm of things, and working with the Universe vs against it. xoxo


This is an extremely well thought out planner with an irreplaceable value! I was actually shocked by both the preparation and presentation of this unique and helpful package and I highly recommend it as a tool that can enhance your life!


Great for keeping me on track and motivated each month.
I believe this will turn into a yearly purchase for me!
Thank you so much!


So useful and beautifully made ! Thanks a lot!


I just wanted to give a shout out to Kriss Lumsden, I’m a complete novice when it comes to astrology & manifestation, but last December I followed her manifesting with the moon live stream.

12 months later, I re-read what I’d written down & nearly all of it has come to pass. Most remarkably, a very specific sum of money. This is powerful stuff ladies & I want to say a huge thank you to Kriss for shining a light on the possibilities!


I love my personalized Moon Planner. This is a well thought out planner that supports manifesting with moon cycles. I love that she has personalized it with my charts. I received it quickly and have gifted it to several people that have raved about it. I feel that I am giving a gift that is as unique and special as my friendships.


This thing is exactly what I needed. It has been helping me so much. As someone that already keeps in touch with the moon and my natal chart, it has saved me a lot of time looking all these things up while simultaneously fulfilling the therapeutic journaling I love so much.


This is absolutely fabulous! I’m hooked and need one each year, forever. ūüôā Full of great insights and rituals, wonderfully clear astrology info, and fun manifesting tips. All in a really nice binder. Thank you so much, Kriss!!


I love the Moon Planner! I used it all last year and just ordered my 2018 copy. It is full of useful information for navigating the energies around the full and new moons. I also recommend the add on personal chart which will tell you exactly where these moons fall in your astrological chart. It’s just a wealth of information and Kriss puts it together in an easy to understand and useful way.


If you’ve been thinking about it but were on the fence, jump off the fence and order it!!

I did and absolutely love it! The info in it is great, recommendations for crystals to use, intentions, what to get rid of that month, places to jot down notes and thoughts! The quality is great too, the paper is so nice to touch and write on.

You won’t regret getting it!!

This book is so clear with so much helpful information! The quality of the binder and the paper is outstanding!! If you’re thinking of getting this planner don’t hesitate, it is worth it!!!


An easy way to get right to the point of what the New or Full Moon is offering you everytime.


The benefits of using this planner are unlimited!


  • You will know when it is the right time to¬†manifest anything
  • A¬†better career, love life, finances, etc.
  • Momentous personal growth
  • You will be in tune with your ebbs and flows
  • The changes you need to make will be obvious
  • More¬†clarity in your life
  • A sense of hope and joy about the future
  • Supports you in manifesting with the Moon

Use your own personal astrological cycles to manifest your dreams.


The New Moon is the time for setting intentions.

But what if you could laser-focus those intentions and amp up your manifesting?

If you take a look at where the New Moon lands in your own chart, you will see that it follows a cycle. Each area that it encounters every month is the area that is ripe for manifesting and self-growth.

The Moon Manifesting Planner‚ĄĘ allows you to plan out an entire year of manifesting at the right targeted time.

All the resources you need are in this planner. All the astrology, crystals, essential oils, tarot spreads, and instructions are here to craft your own personal manifestations every New Moon.

Added for 2020:

Write-ups for every Full Moon.
Sabian symbols for each Moon to use as journal prompts.
What to do during Venus and Mars retrogrades.

What is in this planner?

  • Monthly calendars with the moon cycles
  • Instructions on how to find the New Moon in your own chart
  • Questions to ask yourself when the Moon triggers a planet in your own natal chart
  • How to use and choose crystals for manifesting plus a lengthy list of crystals specific for each area of your life
  • Suggested essential oils to enhance the New and Full Moon
  • Astrological houses (areas of your life) and ideas for what to manifest in them
  • What to do with Mercury, Venus and Mars retrogrades
  • How to create a Moon intention ritual
  • Ideas for journaling, art journaling and vision boards
  • A tarot/oracle spread page for every New and Full Moon
  • Space for journaling, doodling, note-taking and dreaming
  • And so much more!

The planner is in an earth-friendly sturdy chipboard 3 ring binder. Perfect for adding your own pages with journaling and art.

The possibilities for use are wide open and as unique as you are!


Here are some some sample pages from the 2018 planner:


Sample pages from 2018 planner


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