Full Moon

June 17, 1:31am Pacific

(January 17, 9:31am GMT)

Sagittarius 25˚ 53′



“She has so much potential!” the teacher says about Susie when she is 10. But now Susie is 38 and going nowhere. She has all these dreams but they stay in her head as her internal dialogue drones on and on. “This will never work.” “Yeah, maybe if I were rich.” “I’m not smart enough to pull that off.” “My family will think I’m crazy.” “Who am I to think that I …”

What is going on here? Susie has a serious case of misusing her Sagittarius energy. See that photo of the archer? As she pulls back her bow, she has potential. Who else but her will make that arrow reach its target? No one. She has to believe in herself, believe that she will hit the mark. She can’t blame it on the guy standing nearby giving her the goofy look. It is all about her. She is full of potential.

This Full Moon is all about your potential and ALL the reasons you tell yourself about how you can’t live up to it.

Yes, there is some astrology going on that supports that statement. But it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you get your self-beliefs in check and start stepping into your potential. The world NEEDS it now, more than ever!

Check the house where this Full Moon is. That is the area where your beliefs are misguided. Let them go. 



Sagittarius is a fire sign. Let’s burn those old beliefs!



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