Mercury Retrograde Is Over!

2018 has sure felt like an old-fashioned laundry process. First we got plunged into the cold water, then rubbed across the metal wavy board. This past retrograde was when we were put through the wringer… am I right? December is where we are put out on the line to dry. As the wind blows, we breathe new life. In January we can put on our fresh, clean clothes. December is the bridge month. December is where we integrate and decide what to do with all of the wringing we went through all year.

On this New Moon as we set an intention, the Universe says, “Yeah, you asked for that before, but is that what your soul REALLY desires? Is it? If it is and you’ve asked for it before and haven’t received it, what have we shown you that needs to change?” This past Mercury Retrograde would have answered most of those questions. It may not be clear yet, but as the month rolls on (while Mercury goes back over the same territory), it will.

So, be flexible right now. Sagittarius is a mutable sign. It is the time where we leave the fall season and begin the winter one. It is good with change. It knows that one day we are raking leaves and the next shoveling snow and you have to accommodate both. 

Personally, I am going to set an intention to receive integration and direction for the area of my life where the New Moon lands. [Set your intention AFTER the New Moon] Sometimes when everything seems so foggy, you have to shout and ask to get a sign that is so clear it feels like a hit with a 2×4, because these quiet whispers are not working for you. Then pay close attention and just remember what you get, is your answer.

Hang loosely on that clothesline!