Let me just say… Scorpio is a fixed sign. Letting go is not easily done. Scorpio is known for never forgetting a wrongdoing, clinging to revenge or distrust. This is all true. So the high road for Scorpio is to see and remember all of these slights and set them aside, adjust personal boundaries/ habits/ patterns to a healthier expression and fly free like an eagle.

This Full Moon is in the early degrees of Scorpio. Full Moons are for releasing, so I challenge you to release in high Scorpio fashion. For instance, you have ended a disastrous relationship and you want to let it go and move on. Great, but I challenge you to not move on without giving a thought to your part in the relationship. Examine that and choose to let go of those patterns of yours that prevented a good relationship.

Another example for those with financial issues: Maybe you have accrued a lot of debt. It is easy to want to burn those bills under the Full Moon. But the Scorpio way would be to examine bad financial habits and burn those instead.

We live in a magical world, but it is so much more magical when we clean up our energy. This Full Moon, be like a Scorpio taking the high road.