New Moon
May 15, 4:47 am Pacific
(11:47 am GMT)
Taurus 24˚ 36′

This New Moon is the self worth piece of the previous eclipses in Aquarius and Leo. What do I mean?

So last August and February we had eclipses at 27˚ Aquarius and 29˚ Leo. What houses are those in your chart? For me it was 1st and 7th House…. self and others. This New Moon is in square to those points and is acting as a further unfolding of the theme that the eclipses brought about. This is the piece that says, “Alright, so for the positive change in this theme it is time to dig into your resources, your self worth, and your innate tools/gifts. It is time to get real and not be afraid of the high quality of life that you can have.”

Manifesting comes from your heart; what you desire deep down, what lights you up from the inside. It is not about trying to be like someone else and wanting what they have. It could be that you do have the same desire as that other person, but it could also be that you feel less than them, jealous, and you are simply comparing. This is where that Scorpio Full Moon was helpful… examining what lies deep inside of you. Our birth chart is such an exceptional guide to knowing ourselves and where this New Moon is landing is THE EXACT AREA where you are given an opportunity to bring new energy in. It shows you how you can be congruent with your true self. Pluto is also in a helping trine to the New Moon, furthering the depth of support available to you now.

This New Moon is an opportunity for a grounded, stable intention that is of the most luxurious quality. Taurus is all about the finest things in life (it is ruled by Venus, after all). Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Taurus reminds us to calm down, get rooted, be steady, and love dependably. When you consider what intention to set remember… it is being asked of you in a SPECIFIC area of your life; the House where this New Moon lands in your birth chart. It is at 24 1/2 degrees. Where is this in your own natal chart? If you need some help on finding it, this post may help. How can this intention further the themes that were initiated by the Aquarius and Leo eclipses? I’ll be doing a live chat in the astroMANIFEST Facebook group on Monday at 3pm going through some member charts.

The Moon loves being in Taurus. Probably because it is where emotions are calm and steady. Some things to consider when setting your intention: Write it down to make it real, do a grounding meditation like this one, add salt or crystals or plants, and consider having your bare feet on the earth. For those essential oil lovers, Vetiver for sure.

Uranus is moving into Taurus on the same day as this New Moon. It can be a tumultuous time as Uranus pushes us into change and Taurus hates change. There are predictions of tsunamis, earthquakes, cryptocurrency, food, etc. People are guessing on what happens when the God of lightening and thunderbolts hangs out with grounded, stable earth. I’m not one to look at how the astro impacts the world… I’m a personal girl. My focus is on what it does to you, personally. The only way to know what might be stirred up for you is to look at your chart and see if it is triggering any of your planets.

So, take a cue from Taurus and calm down. Breathe before reacting. If things are particularly disruptive for you and you need some coordinates, get a session with me.