You were born with a map to help you navigate your life. It is called a natal chart.

Using your own chart, you can understand so much about how you are wired, what you need to be happy, and when to ask for what you want.

At a crossroads, feeling like your mind is on overload, or just feeling stuck?

An hour with me will make a world of a difference!  

I start with your chart, add in my intuition and sprinkle in something from my big bag of tools. You will always receive what you need.

This is what I can give you…

  • tools so you can move forward confidently
  • the ability to trust your own judgement/intuition
  • a way to work with your very own cycles of growth to manifest an awesome life

What I know to be true: You have to learn to rely on your own wisdom because you are your own best guide.

My aim is to help you see yourself, see yourself clearly enough so you know your next step. Working with me is never a crutch. It is empowerment.

Here is some of what I offer. 

75 minute natal reading: 

Get your bearings. Know your place in this world. Let’s talk about what your gifts and challenges are and how to apply them for the best result. This is a recorded call that you can come back to and listen to again and again. Your natal chart is like the blueprint for your life. Let’s read it!

Email me to schedule.


60 minute follow-up session: 

Only for clients who have had a natal reading. Let’s talk about what is going on for you now. The planets move around creating opportunities and challenges that are intended to push us into growth. We all need a little help with our coordinates from time to time. I help you to reconnect to your true self and see what is being asked of you. Knowing what the challenge is about makes it so much easier to navigate.  Discount for purchasing multiple sessions.

Email me to schedule.


Sabotage Clearing – Past Life Reading: 

Understand the emotional trauma that you have carried with you into this life to heal. This is the way we continually sabotage ourselves over and over again because we (subconsciously)want to heal it. It is held deep in our subconcious. This reading brings it to the light without taking you through the process of re-membering (and re-traumatizing) things that really happened. We will get to the bottom of your self sabotage and…

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