Everytime you move forward, something makes you stop again.

You keep choosing the wrong (or even no) relationship.

Money seems to come and go, but never stay… or never comes at all.

Decisions seem so life or death that you feel overwhelmed to even make one.

There is always this nagging feeling that you should be doing something more but unknown fear keeps it out of reach.


We are all born with this invisible gaping wound that begs to be healed. It stalks us. We know it is there, but we don’t know what it is exactly.

How many different types of “Mindset Challenges” have you tried with nary a shift at all?


What if I told you that I could give you your “Aha!”?

I recently did a reading with Kriss about my past stories and how they have carried over into this one. There were so many “aha’s” and “now I get it” moments. It gave context to things that I haven’t been able to understand before, and a way forward. I so appreciate Kriss’s insights. I don’t know where I would be without them.

We all come into this world carrying over previous life wounding that we replicate on some level in order to heal it. I have found this to be a profound lesson in my own life. During one of my trainings with Steven Forrest, my name was pulled out of the hat to do an analysis of this past life story (the nodal story) as an example for the class. That was a major turning point for me. I could feel it all and see how it was repeating over and over again on various levels. I felt compassion for myself that I had never allowed myself to feel before. I could see how my own natal chart was a recipe to heal, when looked at through this different lens.


The South Node in your chart is a gateway to a story that is the past life (or a compilation of) that you brought into this life to heal. The details of the story are not what is really important, but rather the emotional signature that is carried over and locked into your system. The symbols have such a wide range of meaning, that the details of the story can be so many different interpretations. But the emotional resonance and the pattern will be right.


We usually recreate the scenario when we are born and then continue to duplicate it over and over again until we change the pattern and heal. In the past you could have been the victim, the perpetrator, or just your own worst enemy. The South Node story is always a negative one. When we duplicate it, it may seem to the outside world that it is no big deal… but inside we are traumatized all over again.

I’ve wanted to write you and tell you about what has been going on since our session! This was a such a profound experience – troubling in some ways – but now that I’m integrating things it’s really interesting and helpful to me.

What I noticed at first as I was letting things settle in was a feeling like something inside me had really shifted – like someone reached inside me and twisted. It was weird, but I knew it was an opening up to something too.

I find I’m not so interested in the story anymore  as I am in the qualities to release and to embrace that come up.

I can say this was the most helpful and profound astrology reading I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot – since I was a teenager).


I am thrilled with my Past Life Reading from Kriss – it was a remarkable experience, one that I’m still pondering and learning from. The archetypal story she told was brilliantly spot-on and resonated with me deeply – both the big picture and the smaller details. This is a great learning tool, powerful and yet, because of the way Kriss tells it, welcoming to my heart and soul. While I laughed in some places and cringed in others, I felt the truth of the story and most of all, embraced the empowerment it was meant to convey. Do yourself a favor and contact Kriss for a reading (and follow-up help if you need it) – I don’t know anyone who offers a service like this – it’s unique and so amazing!

I do this reading in two 45 minute sessions.

It is $350 for both sessions.

The first 45 minute session is to get your past life story. Then, 2 weeks or so later, we do the other 45 minute session. In that one we will discuss anything you have experienced and we will specify the core issues that need addressing. I will give you multiple ways for working through them on your own, ways we can continue working on them together, and suggestions for other healing modalities/practitioners. The point of this second session is to move you towards healing; to answer the question, “Okay, now what do I do?”

Some of the ways I can offer further assistance is working with your birth chart (that shows you exactly how you are set up to succeed), journaling prompts with email support, and extra sessions that include energy work, coaching, or tarot reading.

Email me to schedule.

I am continuously impressed with how Kriss brings all of this information together in an easy to understand process.  I had a Past Lives/Karmic reading with her, and I walked away with information that I can now take action and a new way of viewing some of what has occurred in my life and choices I have made.  I really understood what she was saying!  I never felt dumb or overwhelmed or lost.  She is an expert at making all of this palatable and simple.  I know what she does is not simple, and she does it with grace and ease!  I look forward to continuing to learn from her!  Thank you so much for your excellent service, Kriss! 


I love the ease of how Kriss shares the information that allows us to focus on what makes the biggest difference in our lives. Getting to know me better has been a tremendous benefit to be able to release what is not working and eliminate recreating it again. Thanks so much for your wisdom.

Kriss’ newest offering: Past Lives and Karmic Wounding, is “off the charts!” The story that Kriss told, which came to light from her reading of the placement of my South and North Nodes, felt right and true, and it’s helping me to make sense out of the fundamental ways in which I respond to the world, and to what’s going on behind the appearances. It is information that is extremely useful to the Soul work that I’m aspiring to do in my life right now. I highly recommend getting this reading from Kriss.
Lise Hamilton