One of the tools I have picked up along the way is numerology. The two things I use from numerology are the Life Path number and the Personal Year. Everyone goes through a nine-year cycle over and over in his or her life. Each year carries with it a different flavor and quality. I like to keep the knowledge of what year it is for me in the back of my mind. It really helps to put things into perspective, especially when I am encountering something troubling.

To find out what Personal Year you are in right now, add the day and the month of your birth to the current year and then reduce to a single number. For example: My birthday is February 11. I would add 2 + 11+ 2016, that equals 2029. Then I would reduce the 2029 by adding 2+0+2+9 and arriving at 13. Then I would reduce that further by adding 1+3 and ending up with the number 4. So, in 2016 my Personal Year is four.

The Personal Years run from January 1 to January 1. Some people say that the energy of the number feels stronger around their birthday, but I haven’t really noticed it so much in my own life. When you reduce the numbers and get an 11, 22, or a 33 stop there, as those are Master Numbers and don’t need to be reduced further.

Here are the meanings for each Personal Year Number:

  1. INDIVIDUALITY: This is a year to be an individual and put your personal stamp onto the world.   Lots of self-doubt will crop up and you might find you want to get things done alone. It is a time for increasing your personal strength.
  1. COOPERATION: This is a year of cooperation and connection. You will learn so much about yourself through your relationships. Whereas last year you wanted to do it all alone, this year you will want and you will receive help.
  1. SELF-EXPRESSION: This is a very creative and inspired year. You will be drawn to do something creative, whether it is through art or writing or creating a new business or program. There are so many ways to be creative. It is also a year to be social and just have fun.
  1. STRUCTURE: There is going to be a lot of hard work this year. All of those ideas of last year need to be implemented and that requires a nose to the grindstone. It is a year of getting things done.
  1. FREEDOM: With freedom comes change and you will either love it or hate it. This is a great year where you will be making the right choices and drawing all kinds of new people into your life. After all of last year’s hard work, you deserve some fun!
  1. SERVICE: This is a year of domesticity, home, family, and commitment. People get serious about their relationships and might want to buy homes or have children. It is a year of caring for others. It is also a year of deepening your intuition.
  1. TRUTH: This is a year of seeking and study. We want to find the answers to life’s questions in a 7 Year. Sometimes, the Universe will force us to take a look at those questions if we have been ignoring them. It is a quiet, peaceful year of getting in touch with our own divinity.
  1. POWER: This is a year where you can know if you are on your path. If you aren’t doing your “right work”, you might get pushed out. This is a year for stepping into your power in all areas of your life. Career, money and power are all highlighted this year. This is a year when you can make things happen if it is alignment with your true self.
  1. SURRENDER: This is the year when you discover you are not in control of very much. If you choose to cling to the control, life will get very difficult. It is a year of growing in wisdom and compassion and seeing that we are all part of the whole. The trick to this year is to loosen your grip on the wheel.
  1. HEALING: This is a year where there can be great healing for you through love and relationships. It is not a year for working things out on your own. Do not shut others out this year or you will miss out on the healing that this year offers. This year also carries the 2 vibration, so the same things for the 2 apply to the 11.
  1. SACRED STRUCTURE: This is the year that you can build something that can affect the lives of many. It has an “if you build it they will come” feel to it. You may have an inspired realization of what you are to do in this world. You may discover your calling. This year also carries the 4 vibration, so the same things for the 4 apply to the 22.
  1. UNIVERSAL SERVICE: This is a year of service to the Divine. Your agenda is the Divine’s agenda and you will do whatever is needed. Think of people like Shamans and mystics. Your heart will open this year beyond what you thought was possible. This year also carries the 6 vibration, so the same things for the 6 apply to the 33.


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